PT Jamsostek (Persero) - Recruitment D3, S1, All Majors

Posted by lokercenter Update Saturday, May 25, 2013
PT Jamsostek (Persero) - Recruitment D3, S1, All Majors
PT Jamsostek (Persero) is the implementing legislation social security. Social Security stands for social security, is a public program that provides protection for workers to address certain socio-economic risks and implementation of social insurance mechanisms.

Gait put the interests of the company and the workers' basic rights in Indonesia To date, PT Jamsostek (Persero) provide four (4) protection program, which includes Accident Insurance Program (JKK), Death Benefit (JK), Old Age Security (JHT ) and Health Care (JPK) for all workers and their families,

PT Jamsostek (Persero) is looking for the best young professional, energetic, intelligent, willing to work hard and be responsible to join in a career, in the following positions :

  • Administrasi / Pemasaran (Kode : PAP) - D3 All Majors
  • Customer Service (CSO) - D3 All Majors
  • Sekretaris (Kode : SEK) - D3 semua jurusan (diutamakan Jurusan Sekretaris)
  • Marketing / Relationship Officer (Kode : MRO) - S1 All Majors
  • Penata Pelayanan (Kode : PEL) - S1 All Majors
  • Penata SDM (Kode : SDM) - S1 All Majors
  • Penata Keuangan (Kode : KEU) - S1 (Manajemen, Keuangan, Akuntansi, MIPA / Matematika)
  • Penata Teknologi Informasi (Kode : PTI) - S1 (Manajemen Informatika, Teknik Informatika, Sistem Informasi)

General Requirements :
  • Citizen, single and willing to not get married during the first year of employment, age as of December 31, 2013 for the D3 yet over 25 years, S1 has not been repeated in 27
  • Willing to be placed in the Social Security unit PT (Persero) in Indonesia
  • Derived from an accredited university with a minimum B majors with GPA min. 2.75 (scale of 4)
  • Online registration in Jamsostek recruitment website

The organizers do not accept the physical file. Only applicants who do the online registration to be processed. There is no correspondence with the organizers during the recruitment and selection process. The decision to call the applicants and determining the selection of the organizers as well as the sole authority can not be contested. There is no charge.

If you are interested please fill out the application and send. You can sign up directly online through : Lowongan Kerja BUMN PT Jamsostek (Persero). Online registration start date 26 May 2013 until the date of 31May 2013.


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