PT PJB Services - Recruitment D3, S1

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PT PJB Services - Recruitment D3, S1
PT PJB Services - Recruitment D3, S1 | PT PJB Services was established since March 31, 2001. Before becoming a company, PJB Services is one of the services business unit in its efforts still rely on PT PJB. PT. PJB Services is an electrical plant maintenance services company, a subsidiary of PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PT PJB) or grandson of PT. PLN (Persero).

PT PJB Services is headquartered in Sidoarjo, East Java, the company is focused on handling business outside of PT PJB generating units and is expected to capture market opportunities. Basically PJB Services core business focus in the field of treatment in both the short and long term. In the operation of PT PJB Services powered by four electric generating units, namely New Paiton with 1 x 660 MW, Indramayu power plant with 3 x 330 MW, Apex Power Plant with 2 x 316 MW, and the power plant Pacitan with 2 x 315 MW.

Currently PT. PJB Services opens the opportunity for Best Putra Putri Indonesia to develop the skills, competencies and career by becoming employees of PT PJB Services through the program :

Recruitment On the Job Training (OJT) Batch 6 2015
Education :
  1. Bachelor Degree (S1)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Code : SME)
    • Electro Engineering Power Lines (Code : SEK)
    • Electro Engineering Weak Currents (Code : SEL)
    • Law (Code : SHU)
    • Accounting (Code : SAK)

  2. Diploma Degree (D3)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Code : DME)
    • Electro Engineering Power Lines (Code : DEK)
    • Electro Engineering Weak Currents (Code : DEL)
    • Chemical Engineering (Code : DKI)
    • HIPERKES and K3 (Code : DHI)
    • Management (Code : DMN)
    • Accounting (Code : DAK)
    • Office Administration (Code : DAP)

General Requirements :
  • Male : SME, SEK, SEL, DME, DEK, DEL, DKI.
  • Male or Female : SHU, SAK, DHI, DMN, DAK, DAP.
  • Max. age of 30 years old (born in 1985 per 31 June 2015 and thereafter).
  • GPA ≥ 2.70 for Engineering and ≥ 3.00 for non Engineering field.
  • Preferably single (not married) and willing not to get married during the training period for single applicants.
  • Min. accredited A for Non Engineering field.
  • Min. height of 160cm for Male and 155 cm for Female wiht the proportional weight.
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Not tattooed and pierced.
  • No physical disability (does not interfere with the implementation of his/her duties).
  • Drug free.

If you are interested and meet the above requirements please send and submit your application directly through Closing date 24 June 2015, and Selection process at Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Palembang and Banjarmasin. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for further selection process.

Source of info : Lowongan Kerja PT PJB Services.


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