Recruitment BUMN - PT PLN (Persero)

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Recruitment BUMN - PT PLN (Persero)
Recruitment BUMN - PT PLN (Persero) | PT PLN (Persero) is Perusahaan Listrik Negara which has the task of managing all aspects of electricity in Indonesia. This is in accordance with Regulation 17, the status of the State Electricity Company (PLN) designated as the General Electric Company and the State with the task of providing electricity to the public interest.

PT PLN (Persero) is a BUMN company, is headquartered in Jakarta. PLN stock is wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of State Enterprises. The company currently has 47 PLN national business unit, which consists of 6 units in the operating area of ​​Java and Bali, 9 units in the operating area of ​​western Indonesia, 8 units in the operating area of ​​eastern Indonesia, 6 units operating service area, 12 units of the parent project (UIP) and 6 units in PLN Generations (KIT). The Company is also supported by 12 subsidiaries that are directly owned by PT PLN (Persero).

Currently PT PLN (Persero) giving a chance and find the best candidates, responsible, energetic and willing to develop a career and willing to take the challenge for the position :

Rekrutmen PT PLN (Persero) Tingkat S2/S1/DIV/DIII Tahun 2015
Education required :
  1. S2 :
    • Electro Engineering Power Lines, Electric Power System (Code: S2/ELE)

  2. S1 or D4 :
    • Electro Engineering, Power Lines, Electric Power System (Code: S1/ELE)
    • Flow Weak, Electronics, Instrumentation, Control (Code: S1/ALE)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Code: S1/MES)
    • Civil Engineering (Code: S1/SIP)
    • Industrial Engineering (Code: S1/IND)
    • Environmental Engineering (Code: S1/LIN)

  3. D3 :
    • Electro Engineering, Power Lines, Electric Power System (Code: D3/ELE)
    • Flow Weak, Electronics, Instrumentation, Control (Code: D3/ALE)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Code : D3/MES)
    • Civil Engineering (Code : D3/SIP)
    • Informatics Engineering (Code : D3/INF)
    • Environmental Engineering (Code : D3/LIN)
    • Financial Management (Code : D3/KEU)
    • Marketing Management, Commerce Administration, Business Administration (Code : D3/MAN)

Requirements :
  • Single/not married status and willing to not married for undergoing the Prajabatan training program.
  • Male will be highly prioritized.
  • Passed S2 or S1 / DIV or DIII with ages
    • S2: Birth in 1987 and thereafter.
    • S1 / D4: Birth in 1989 and thereafter.
    • D3: Birth in 1991 and thereafter.
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • GPA  ≥ 3.00 for S2/ELE, D3/KEU, D3/MAN.
    • GPA  ≥2.75 for S1/ELE, S1/ALE, S1/MES, S1/SIP, S1/IND, S1/LIN, D3/ELE, D3/ALE, D3/MES, D3/SIP, D3/INF, D3/LIN.

If you are interested to apply, please register to Bursa Karir ITS 29 (18-19 March 2015) with complete application file as follows :
  1. Application letter, addressed to PT PLN (Persero) c.q. Kepala Divisi Pengembangan SDM dan Talenta.
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate (can be followed at the time of the interview).
  3. Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Copy of ID Card.
  5. Legalized copy of academic certificate or temporary degree verification statements.
  6. Legalized copy of academic transcript.
  7. Recent color photograph 3x4 (2 pieces, please write your name in back side).
  8. For cross channel applicants (D3 which continue to D4 / S1), must attach legalized copies of D3 diploma and transcripts.
  9. Final year students are welcome to apply (graduation no later than May 2015), please bring your final project/thesis certificate at time of application.

Please see completed info : Recruitment PLN 2015.


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