CPNS Pemkot Depok - Recruitment D3, S1, PGSD

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CPNS 2013 Pemkot Depok | Depok comes from Sundanese language meaning hermitage or place imprisoned. Depok is a city of Jakarta buffer. When it became an administrative town in 1982, its population is only 240,000 souls, and when a municipality in 1999 its population of 1.2 million inhabitants. University of Indonesia (except Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, and the Graduate Program in part) are in the city of Depok.

Details CPNS Formation Regions in 2013 and Depok Mayor Decision No. 800/2465 - BKD on Proposed Additional Details CPNS Formation of Regional Public Applicants for Fiscal Year 2013, the Depok City Government an opportunity to become a civil servant Depok City Regional Formation In 2013, as follows :

CPNS Pemkot Depok - Recruitment D3, S1, PGSD
CPNS Pemkot Depok - Recruitment D3, S1, PGSD
CPNS Pemkot Depok - Recruitment D3, S1, PGSD

Special requirements
  • Have a valid ID card (not a receipt or KIPEM)
  • S1 graduate or D II / D III of State Universities with minimum GPA 2.75 and for Private Higher Education Graduates Minimum GPA scale 3:00 4.
  • For S1 or Diploma Graduates of Foreign Affairs should be accompanied by a Certificate of Equalization diploma issued by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, with a GPA Conversion equated with State Universities.
  • For General Medical Education Professional Education must attach a certificate and Certificate of Registration (STR) is still valid.
  • Education for Midwives and Nurses must attach a Certificate of Registration (STR) / Nurse Permit (SIP) is still valid.
  • For Diploma temporary / Certificate graduate / graduated evidence do not apply.
  • For Free from Drug Use evidenced by Original Certificate of Government Hospital / National Narcotics Agency / Police.
  • For Healthy Physical evidenced by Original Certificate of Regulated Health Physician Government Hospital.
  • For Coach Position Formation Branch Paddle Sports has the S1 Qualifications Education and Sports SEA Games Gold Medal by attaching a copy of the Certificate.
  • Formation for the Disabled is for Tuna Daksha (not impaired in vision, hearing and speech impaired) evidenced by enclosing information health examination of Government Hospital Doctor.

Online registration begins on 9 September sd 21 September 2013 on the national registry BKN with http://sscn.bkn.go.id address and then type in the column Depok City Government agency that will be spoken.

More info : Lowongan Kerja CPNS Kota Depok.


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